Why the Joint Success Plan will benefit your Key Account relationships

It’s easy to forget that business accounts are about people, not just numbers, transactions, and activity. Research shows that building healthy relationships with your key accounts is what maximizes profitability over time. A great starting point to healthy key account relationships is identifying primary goals and the necessary steps for achieving said goals.

Create win/wins with Joint Success Plans

Customers who feel their account managers are exceptional are 10 to 15 times more likely to renew. A catalytic part of Kapta’s Key Account Management Software is our Joint Success PlanTM (JSP). The Joint Success Plan streamlines process of documenting your customer’s primary goals, mutual expectations, and ambitions toward success.

The Joint Success Plan is part of the onboarding process where you get to talk with your key account customer about their most important goals. As you identify those goals, you can document them as KPIs through the Key Account Management Software. The Joint Success Plan becomes a reference point and action plan for both your customer and your key account management staff. You can assign and track tasks based off their documented goals with communication opportunities for any needed project changes.

Real-time reports may be generated to share with your clients or executive staff to show how much progress and value you’re contributing. The Joint Success Plan is the leading indicator of your key account’s Satisfaction Health Score, a core element of the Kapta Account Health Score system. The aggregated Account Health Score helps indicate future upsell opportunities and likelihood of contract renewal for your key accounts.

With the Joint Success Plan, you have a clearly defined destination for your Account Managers to target. When it comes time to renew or to upsell, you can have a healthy, trusting relationship ready for greater opportunities.

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CEO at Kapta
Alex Raymond is the CEO of Kapta.