Kapta Demo

10-minute recorded Kapta demo. See how Kapta helps your visualize org charts, create strategic account plans and identify growth opportunities.

How to Build a Kick-Ass Account Plan

Understand the core elements of great account plans, and bring your plan to life throughout the year in this video.

The 90-minute Account Plan

Watch Jermaine Edwards’s entire talk from KAMCon 2018, The 90-minute Account Plan: a Playbook for Key Account Success.

Getting out of the Weeds Webinar

Learn how to become a trusted advisor to your key accounts in this webinar.

How to Run a Kick-Ass QBR

Discover how to turn your QBRs from boring and ineffective meetings into highly actionable, focused, and energizing conversations with your customers in this webinar.

5 Crucial Skills for Key Account Management Success 

Get actionable tips on how to develop your skills as a Key Account Manager and allow your customer relationships to reach their full potential in this webinar.

Third Box Thinking to Co-Create your Customer’s Future

Learn how to change the way you look at your customer, their customer, and unleash your personal genius to co-create a future value narrative across the customer value chain in this webinar.

How Executive Customer Advisory Boards Help Grow and Retain Your Key Accounts

Learn how you can have strategic conversations with decision-makers to help grow and retain your key accounts in this webinar.



Best Practices and Pearls of Wisdom from the Godfather of Strategic Account Management

Learn how you can be seen as a trusted advisor for your customers and align your team on strategic account customer-centricity in this webinar.

From Conflict to Collaboration: How to re-energize or rescue a business relationship that has gone wrong

Learn how to rebuild relationships around multimillion-dollar business contracts with Alec Grimsley of Arbinger UK (MD) in this webinar.

Creating Your KAM Success Strategy

Discover the common struggles and pitfalls that teams face when implementing KAM and how to create a personalized success strategy in this webinar.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Key Account Management

Discover the most common challenges that companies face when setting up a Key Account Management program - and how to avoid them. Watch this 30-minute recorded webinar by Kapta CEO Alex Raymond. 

How to turn QBRs into your Competitive Advantage

In this 45-minute video, we share best practices and ideas from our years of experience with QBRs and account management. You will learn how to turn your QBRs from "just another business review" into impactful sessions that your customers don't want to miss.

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