Risk Management for KAM Teams

Download this ebook and learn how to establish, expand, or improve the risk management function in their Account Management team.

The Big Book of KAM

Download the Big Book of KAM to better understand Key Account Management and Our KAM Process.

Creating Kick-Ass Account Plans

Download Creating Kick-Ass Account Plans for practical, actionable steps to make your Engagement Plans come to life.

Conducting Kick-Ass QBRs

Read The Kick-Ass QBR to learn practical, actionable steps to rock your next Quarterly Business Reviews.

The Foundation of Key Account Management

Read The Foundation of Key Account Management to learn the building blocks for KAM program success.


Download KAM To-Go to learn how to build customer engagement through Key Account Management.

Your Guide to Account Management Software in 2022

Download Your Guide to Account Management Software in 2022 to give your team the tools they need to not only succeed in their role but to excel.

Kapta Overview

Get the overview to understand why Key Account Management is more important than ever and how to transform client relationships with Kapta.

Sohonet Case Study

Download the Sohonet case study to learn more about how we helped enhance Sohonet's account planning process from pre- to post-production. 

Why Kapta, Why Now?

Download the guide to understanding, building, and maintaining customer engagement through key account management.

How to Prevent High Churn Rates in your Top Key Accounts

Download the guide to understand how to define churn at three levels, and how you can prevent churn to improve your bottom line for your key accounts.

Creating Your KAM Success Strategy 

Download the guide to learn how to build an optimized and structured account management process.

Your Guide to the KAM Maturity Model

Download the guide to understand where you are currently in the key account management maturity, and where you need to be to reach greater revenue growth.

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