An Intro to Key Account Management 

If you struggle to understand what key account management is and why it’s important for business, we don’t blame you. While the process and software that make it possible are still relatively new, key account management is growing in importance by the day. The quicker you learn to manage key accounts, the quicker you can reap the benefits.

At its core, key account management is all about gaining a deep understanding of your most valuable customers so you can provide them maximum value. It takes time to understand their biggest pain points and strategize solutions to their most limiting challenges before you can help them achieve their goals.

Key account management software aims to simplify the process so you have clear insight into key accounts, making it easier to act swiftly on their behalf, create game-changing account plans, and measure their success in real-time.

To get you started on your key account management journey, we’ve compiled three simple resources. Choose from the resources below to learn more about what Kapta is all about.


KAM 101


What is Key Account Management?

It’s about providing win-win outcomes and maximum value for the customers who are most strategic to your business. Read more about our definition of Key Account Management.

The CEO’s Guide to Key Account Management

The CEO’s Guide to Key Account Management

The CEO’s Guide to Key Account Management is the how, what and why of customer engagement and what it means for your business. Targeted toward CEOs and senior executives.

Frustrated Account Manager at laptop.

5 Common Pain Points of KAM

Understand the common challenges that nearly every Account Manager has dealt with during their career. And what to do about them.

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