"It’s not about having the right opportunities.

It’s about handling the opportunities right." 

-Mark Hunter

What We Do

At Kapta, we aim to provide sought-after expertise and white-glove service to our clients while offering an environment where employees can thrive. Our products and services have been built to help align organizational goals and improve internal processes. It is our goal to offer a similar experience for our employees so we are aligned on our mission and vision.

What we do | Kapta

Who We Are

Kapta (inspired by “kick-ass account plan tracking app”) was launched to support effective key account relationship management through a cloud-based platform. As an agile organization, Kapta works closely with clients to clarify their KAM strategy and build technology solutions that streamline workflows and increase communication between teams and clients.

Team Kapta

Our Leaders

Alex Raymond | Kapta


Alex Raymond

CEO and Co-founder




Ben Blasko


Ben Blasko

CTO & Co-Founder






Jennifer Pinter, PMP

Senior Engagement Manager




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