Beyond Surface-Level Solutions

Generic CRMs scratch the surface; Kapta delves deeper. Designed specifically for Account Managers, our platform empowers you to unlock the full potential of your customer relationships, equipping your team with the tools necessary to build lasting, impactful connections with your most valuable clients.

Engineered for Account Managers

Our platform is rooted in a proven methodology focused on strategic customer engagement, risk reduction, and revenue expansion. This approach simplifies how you comprehend your clients' needs, allowing account managers to respond proactively and become essential contributors to their success.

Know Your Customer Better

Leverage Kapta to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers. With enriched insights, anticipate their evolving needs, make informed decisions, and consistently stay ahead in delivering exceptional value.

Org Chart and Client Profiles

See the overall structure and culture at your client’s organization, and build detailed profiles for individual key contacts.

Voice of Customer and SWOT Tools

Understand what your customer is trying to achieve, and the factors that will help or hinder them along the way.

Know Your Customer Better

Act Strategically and Effectively

With Kapta, react swiftly and smartly to changing customer dynamics. Stay agile, responsive, and always one step ahead in meeting your client’s evolving needs.

Account Plans

Our Account Planning templates help you stay on strategy by translating big business goals into actionable, ownable tasks.

Collaboration Hub

Keep deliverables on time, on budget, and on strategy by ensuring every team member knows what they’re doing—and why.

Act Strategically and Effectively

Measure What Matters

Kapta brings clarity to your customer engagement efforts. Track and showcase your impact with metrics that resonate, proving your strategic value time and again.

Customer Metrics

Real-time milestone tracking and risk management so you know when things are working—and when they’re not.

Account Health Score

Our unique algorithm gives you an at-a-glance composite score to manage risk, gauge satisfaction, and flag accounts that need attention.

Measure What Matters

Purpose-Built for Key Account Management

If nurturing and growing existing accounts is your goal, a standard CRM won’t cut it. Kapta is the specialized tool you need, designed to go beyond retention to actively drive account growth and reduce churn.

Purpose-Built for Customer Engagement

Account health scoring

Interactive org chart

Customizable templates for account planning

QBR management

Easy reporting to clients and C-Suite

Seamless CRM integration eliminating dual data entry.

See how Kapta supports key account managers to maximize revenue and reduce churn.