Account Plans That Deliver Results

Build Account Plans designed around your customer’s goals and outcomes – and become a trusted partner to your key accounts.

Strategic Plans for Your Top Accounts

Track your customer goals and commitments in real time. Use Kapta’s powerful account planning tool to translate your customer’s big picture goals into ownable action items for your team. Then make sure everyone stays on budget, on time, and on strategy.

Strategic Plans for Your Top Accounts

Prove Your Value

Clients always want to see what you’ve done for them lately. Kapta makes it easy to create tailored, visually compelling reports to share with customers. Include all the info they need, and nothing they don’t, all in a matter of minutes. And share with your C-suite while you’re at it, so they can see your value, too.

Prove Your Value

A Proven History of Success

Kapta gives us a compass for account engagement and delivering measurable results.

Dennis Rose Chief Revenue Officer, Sohonet

Seamless Collaboration on Account Plans

Kapta keeps the entire team focused on customer success, with clear visibility into big picture strategy, customer goals, and key milestones. Kapta makes sure everyone on your team knows what they’re doing and why, keeping them engaged and motivated to drive successful outcomes for your accounts.

	 Seamless Collaboration on Account Plans

Account health scoring

Interactive org chart

Customizable templates for account planning

Deliverables tracking

Easy reporting to clients and C-Suite

Seamless CRM integration

See how Kapta bring your account plans to life