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Become the Partner Your Customers Are Looking For

See how Kapta helps you drive engagement, retention, and growth with your Key Accounts.

The Best Tool for Key Account Retention and Growth

Kapta is designed to help you reduce churn by driving consistent results for your customers.

High Value Accounts

High Value Accounts

Kapta is for key accounts—the ones you can’t afford to lose.

Fewer Accounts per Rep

Fewer Accounts per Rep

Kapta works best for reps who handle a small number of enterprise accounts.

Room to Grow

Room to Grow

Kapta can help drive organic growth even in challenging times.

How can Kapta help you protect your existing revenue?

The Road to Indispensable

Explore our KAM Process™ and the software that takes you there.

The Road to Indispensable


Which customers are most at risk? Which have the most upsell potential?


How can you implement strategic growth and save plans?


Can you show results and prove your value?

Key Account Management:
More Important Than Ever

When you’ve made yourself indispensable to your customers, you’ve built relationships for life.



When you truly know your customers, you know how to plan for the year ahead.

Reduce Risk


Engaged customers will proactively renew and increase their SOW.

Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes

Drive efficiency and consistency in your organization.

Drive Growth


Create organic growth opportunities, even in a recession.

A Proven History of Success

"Kapta gives us a compass for account engagement and delivering measurable results."

A Platform for Growth

Kapta accelerates Key Account Management, automating the busy work and removing the guess work, so you can do the work that matters: Strengthening relationships.

A Platform for Growth

Account health scoring

Interactive org chart

Customizable templates for account planning

Deliverables tracking

Easy reporting to clients and C-Suite

Seamless CRM integration

Start Here

Download the Big Book of KAM to better understand Key Account Management and Our KAM Process.

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