Introducing KAMGenius – the Best Tool for Account Managers to Grow in Their Career

If you have been following me for some time, you know I always say that the best Account Managers, the ones that you want to hire, are the people who are focused on self-growth. They are the self-starters who invest in their education and career growth.

Unfortunately, most Key Account Managers rarely get thorough training on the art and science of account management (I am talking more than just a few segments during sales kickoff). Account Management often becomes a figure it out as you go profession. Sadly, this lack of job training means that customers are left without the strategic partner they are looking for, and Account Managers don’t deliver account growth for the business.

After years of working with literally hundreds of Account Managers on their strategies and processes, I’ve put together a course that puts the best of everything I know and teach about Account Management together.

While our Key Account Management platform at Kapta is still reserved for companies who want to optimize their strategy as a whole, KAMGenius offers a place for driven, individual Key Account Managers to learn Account Management soup to nuts. Our process is based on real fieldwork across industries worldwide that have successfully implemented the tools and techniques outlined in KAMGenius.

Strategies and Tools You Can Learn Over Your Morning Cup of Coffee

The course includes Our KAM Process, as well as access to downloadable exercises to help you practice and implement the skills you learn in the course on your accounts. We’ve broken up KAMGenius into bite-sized content so that busy professionals can utilize and implement strategies immediately. Account Managers can invest in their development over a morning cup of coffee or during a lunch break. You can take this course for 30 minutes a day or 1 hour a day – whatever works for your schedule.

I designed this course knowing that most Account Managers haven’t gotten the training it takes to excel in this profession. KAMGenius includes everything from basic strategy and segmentation to writing smarter, actually actionable account plans for your most valuable customers. Even seasoned Account Managers will be able to use this course to build on their foundation and revisit the basics.

Strategic Account Plans for Your Most Valuable Customers

What separates the average Account Managers from the great? The quality of their account plans.

At the end of the course, we will walk you through how to build account plans for your most valuable customers. By the time you start the account planning process, most Key Account Managers will be surprised by how much productive information they could gather from their customers during the course.

One of the most common mistakes I see seasoned reps making is starting their account plans too early in the year before building enough report or having the necessary conversations with customers. In our account planning segment, we will walk through what information your manager and customer want to see included, how to get that critical information from your customer, and how to revisit and validate that information with your customer throughout the year.

Didn’t learn that during sales kickoff? Don’t worry – you are not alone!

Training That Matters

The best account managers are investing time and energy into their own self-development and growth. KAMGenius will help you optimize your strategy and expand the tools in your toolbelt to build better relationships with your customers, increase engagement, and most importantly drive business results. These are the defining skills that top companies want to see from their Key Account Managers, and the best way to ensure a profitable career.

Whether you have a strategic account that you have to expand this year, or you want to move up the ladder in your career, KAMGenius will help you get to where you need to go.

KAMGenius Details:

A KamGenius subscription gives you 3-month access to all the course videos, downloadable exercises, and additional reading so that you can complete it on your schedule. The course includes:

  • KAM Strategy Fundamental Videos: This is the meat and bones of the KAM process. If you don’t understand the basics inside and out, you cannot successfully implement the strategy. We will talk you through the purpose of the KAM position, why it matters to the business and the customers, and common mistakes in the profession.
  • KAM Tool Essentials: These are the tools and tactics you will use to gather important information with your customers so that you can position yourself as a strategic partner, collect necessary information for your account plan, and drive engagement and growth.
  • Advanced Tips: We will walk through segmentation and setting yourself up for success throughout the year. These should be completed after you have mastered and successfully implemented the KAM process within your accounts.

In addition to the videos, you will have access to exercises you can download and complete. These are the exact exercises I have my Account Managers fill out and complete as they practice these skills.

Ready to go from good to great? Start KAMGenius.

CEO at Kapta
Alex Raymond is the CEO of Kapta.