A Guide to Kapta eBooks

If you’re not consistently educating yourself, you’re never going to get better. This fact is true for everything, and at Kapta, we believe that continued education is crucial to any key account manager’s performance.

For this reason, we strive to keep our blog up to date with new, actionable articles every week. Did you know that we’ve also written a few books over the years also? You can only fit so much information and advice in a blog post, so we develop and write these books with the intention to give you deeper insight into the latest trends, tips, advice, and information about key account management.

We give these books away for free on the site and recommend you read them all. Even so, you might not have time to dive deep into all of them at once, so today we’re going to provide a summary of our eBooks so you can pick the best one to start reading today!

The Big Book of KAM

The Big Book of KAM is our latest publication, and we couldn’t be prouder of it! Are you new to key account management? Have you heard about it before but want to know if it’s right for your organization? Do you feel like you need a crash course to re-evaluate your role as a key account manager?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the book for you! Essentially, the Big Book of KAM is a crash course for key account management. We cover everything from basic definitions and theories behind key account management all the way to the steps you need to take to get your key account management program off the ground.

One thing that we noticed as we searched the web for information about key account management is that there was a lack of actionable information. A lot of the information online was just theories that sounded nice, but we felt readers would feel lost after reading it.

The Big Book of KAM was written to help you take the next step. Whether you’re starting your program from scratch or you just want to improve your skills as an account manager, this is the book for you.

Creating Kick-Ass Engagement Plans for Your Key Accounts

Are you customers engaged with your organization? You might think that as long as they keep buying your products and paying for your services, that’s where the story ends.

In reality, your primary goal as an account manager is to offer services that captivate their attention and engage them on a frequent basis. You want them to think of your organization first whenever they run into an issue, and you should be there as their trusted advisor whenever they need help.

The only way to engage your accounts fully is to plan ahead. While you might use an account plan already, do you have an engagement plan? These are different things, and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

We take all of the guesswork out of engagement plans with our book Creating Kick-Ass Engagement Plans for Your Key Accounts!

This book covers everything that you need to know about engaging with your key accounts to the fullest. Whether you’ve never thought about key account management or you’re desperately searching for answers to the lack of engagement among your customers, this is the guide for you.

In the book we discuss:

  •      What is Key Account Management?
  •      Why Practice Key Account Management?
  •      What’s a Key Account?
  •      What’s an Engagement Plan?
  •      What Does a Kick-Ass Engagement Plan Look Like?
  •      Benefits of Creating Kick-Ass Engagement Plans

The most crucial element of the book is our thorough examples of kick-ass engagement plans because once you know what a good engagement plan looks like, you’ll be able to emulate it across all of your key accounts.

If you’re ready to step up the engagement, your customers have with your organization, head over to this link to download your free copy of Creating Kick-Ass Engagement Plans for Your Key Accounts!

Conducting Kick-Ass QBRs

The final book we want to share with you today has to do with something that is somewhat controversial at our offices: the QBR.

Love them or hate them, QBRs are still prevalent across the world. While in the past, the quarterly business review was necessary and often incredibly productive, these days, we think that key account management presents a better solution.

Even so, if you’re going to do a QBR, you might as well kick ass doing it.

This is easier said than done, and we found that there wasn’t much actionable QBR advice online specifically written with the modern key account manager in mind, so we decided to do it ourselves!

Conducting Kick-Ass QBRs shows you the right and wrong way to conduct a QBR. We wrote the book based on research we did with our own clients along with other organizations in the country. We asked them what they like about QBRs but more importantly, what they HATE about them.

With this information, we compiled it and developed a system of checkboxes you need to hit to get the most out of every QBR. We also write about the things you must avoid at all costs in a QBR to avoid wasting both yours and your client’s time.

Conducting a kick-ass QBR is both an art and a science, but with this book, you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition and make your client wonder why their other vendors don’t do the same. 

Key Account Management Specialist at Kapta
Lesley is a Key Account Management Specialist at Kapta.