First look at our Account Management Software for High-Value Accounts

Here at Kapta, we’re excited to announce the completion of our Account Management Software for High-Value Customers. Now it’s time for Account Directors and Managers start using it so they can tell us what they think – what they like and what we should add.

A lot has gone into shaping our new product, and we believe it’s filling a real gap in the market. For the past year, we’ve been talking to dozens of Account Directors and VPs to hear how their Account teams work – how they manage their most important accounts, and what they wish they had to get a clearer picture of what is happening in an account so there are no surprises. They’re focused on retaining and growing their high-dollar accounts, because for them, losing a customer is not an option.

Our early co-pilot customers were the first to see our tool in action, and they were blown away – which has us thinking we must be onto something. In the 2-minute demo above, I give you a glimpse into how it works and I show some of our most exciting features.

Let us set up an account for you, and then you can tell us what you think. We’d love to hear about features you would like to see, we’re planning for the next wave of new features now. If you want to see a one-on-one demo or get a free account, get in touch.

-Alex Raymond

CEO, Kapta

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CEO at Kapta
Alex Raymond is the CEO of Kapta.