10 Account Management Blogs You Should Be Reading to Advance Your Career

Whether you’re just starting your Key Account Management career off, or if you’ve been in the game for a few years, you should always strive for improvement. After all, the primary goal is to get that promotion and climb the ladder. The best way to improve not only your skills but your abilities is to read industry information and insights on a regular basis.


If you’ve wanted to read these types of blogs for a while, but just didn’t know which Key Account Management blogs were worth your time, we’re here to help! Today we’ll discuss our ten favorite account management blogs that we read on a regular basis here at the Kapta offices.


  1. Rain Group

You might have checked out the Rain Group’s website before when trying to learn more about the account management field. They offer really awesome industry insights, and they specialize in training salespeople to be the best in their field. Their blog is also chock-full of useful information you can use in your daily work. They offer sales tips, new ideas to help attract customers, and so much more. They post on a regular basis (usually once a week), but you have plenty to catch up on in the blog archives if you’ve never read the blog before.


  1. Account Manager Tips

Account Manager Tips is a site run by Warwick Brown dedicated to bringing account managers and salespeople the tips and tricks they need to exceed their goals and outperform everyone else in the field. The blog posts are geared towards account managers that want to advance their careers, and they have awesome actionable tips you can use easily. Posts are on a semi-frequent basis, but they have a near-perfect batting average when it comes to posting effective articles.


  1. Service Excellence Partners

This account management blog is no joke, and if you’re into the nitty-gritty details of account management, you definitely need to check out this blog by Ed Powers. Although account management is seen as an art and natural talent to many, there is also a degree of science behind the best practices. All of the posts on this blog take a scientific approach to things like customer health scores, reducing churn, and more. If you really want to step your account management game up and think differently about your job, give it a read.


  1. Jermaine Edwards Customer Growth Blog

One of the core aspects of your role as a key account manager is to help your customers grow through customer success. This blog from Jermaine Edwards, professional sales consultant and Key Account Management expert, is packed with awesome blog posts to help you grow your customer base and help them succeed. If you want to learn more about your customers, you should definitely give this blog a read.


  1. SalesLatitude

Want to see the latest and greatest tips in the sales world? This is the blog for you! SalesLatitude is run by Janice Mars, a professional sales consultant with decades of experience in the field. On the blog, you’ll find helpful tips for working with clients, speaking to executives, and more. If you want to succeed in the corporate world and really climb to the top of the ladder, you should give this blog a read.


  1. KIA CX Consulting

Want to improve your customers’ experience when they work with your organization? The Kia Puhm’s KIA CX Consulting blog is for you then! The group specializes in helping companies improve their customer experience through innovative methodology. While they can’t share all of their secrets, the blog is full of great articles about customer success and account management in general. They post pretty regularly, so make sure that add it to your feed!


  1. CSO Insights

CSO Insights is a research company that aims to improve even the smallest aspects of the B2B sales process. In their research process, they like to share tidbits of information to help account managers and salespeople in their organizations. When you visit the blog, you can learn a lot about customer success, tracking and managing sales goals, and much more. Check it out, and see how their ideas and research could help improve your account management skills.


  1. Account Management Skills

The Account Management Skills blog covers exactly what you’d imagine; the different skills that account managers need if they want to be successful! It is more geared for beginning account managers, but the valuable tips will help you develop into a budding and successful account management superstar! On the blog, you’ll find articles about client development; tips to help you get the most out of each meeting, and more account manager advice with an emphasis on agency work.


  1. Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Group is an innovative sales consulting firm that specializes in educating sales teams across different industries find a better focus and align their practices with their organization’s goals. They are experts in the field and have even written books on the business of sales. To put it simply, if you want to improve your sales processes and follow the best practices, you need to stay up to date on their blogs.

They offer tips about sales enablement and advice to help you elevate your strategies for better outcomes. Give the blog a read and see how their innovative ideas can change the way you think about sales.


  1. Kapta

You didn’t think that we’d compile a top 10 list of account management blogs without including ourselves, did you? At Kapta, not only do we strive to provide the best Key Account Management platform for B2B sales, but our goal is also to educate account managers across the world as well.


Key Account Management information can seem a little sparse when searching on the web, but our blog is your one-stop shop for the latest KAM tips and tricks. From improving your customer’s success to reducing churn rate and optimizing your daily tasks, we cover it all! Stay up to date with the latest from us and add our blog to your feed.

CEO at Kapta
Alex Raymond is the CEO of Kapta.