Kapta’s reporting tools deliver analytics and performance insights so you can keep your customer and your C-suite up to speed—and use what you’ve learned to plan the next big initiative.

Measure Specific KPIs

Periodically check against pre-determined success metrics to make sure initiatives are working as planned.

Customer Metrics

Real-time milestone tracking and risk management so you know when things are working—and when they’re not.

Kapta Best Practices

Embed specific, relevant metrics into everything you do for your customers. It’s not enough to take action if you can’t demonstrate results.

Measure Specific KPIs

Measure Overall Account Health

Get a big-picture view of customer engagement, satisfaction, and success.

Account health score

Our unique algorithm gives you an at-a-glance composite score to manage risk, gauge satisfaction, and flag accounts that need attention.

Kapta Best Practices

Use your account health metrics as a starting point for internal coaching and performance management.

Measure overall account health

Measure Internal Success

You win when your clients do. Show your internal team how your efforts have strengthened the relationship and grown the business.

Results Dashboard

Show business results, including new contracts and opportunities, larger SOWs, and better relationships.

Kapta Best Practices

Celebrate success at every opportunity. Create a culture that values organic growth with long-term clients as much as new business wins.

Measure internal success

A Proven History of Success

Kapta helps us keep our clients’ goals in mind, and be more strategic.


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