Understand the Dynamic

Who runs the day-to-day? Who makes the big decisions? Who are the stakeholders?

Org Chart and Client Profiles

See the overall structure and culture at your client’s organization, and build detailed profiles for individual key contacts.

Kapta Best Practices

Automatically import accounts and contacts from your existing CRM. Review as a team to capture everyone’s knowledge—and address any gaps.

understand the dynamic

Understand the Objective

What is your customer trying to achieve? How do they expect you to help? How can you exceed those expectations?

Voice of Customer

Dive deeper into needs, expectations, and goals with our VOC tools. Jump-start the process with our pre-populated surveys and customize as needed along the way.

Kapta Best Practices

The goal is to understand your customer better—so don’t just email survey questions every time. Set up a face-to-face meeting to really get a sense of what matters to them.

Understand the Objective

Enter the SWOT Team

Now that you know what they want to do, it’s time to understand what’s working in their favor—and what could hold them back.

SWOT Analysis

Use our incisive SWOT framework to guide a productive customer workshop, and store the final product in Kapta for easy reference during account planning and execution.

Kapta Best Practices

As you head into the account planning process, use your SWOT analysis to help pressure test your client’s strategy and prioritize their goals across a given timeframe.


A Proven History of Success

Kapta helps us accelerate into market. One of our biggest challenges has been aggregating data that’s meaningful as we try to deliver more value. We leverage Kapta to track metrics and automate the account planning process.

– Danielle Matteson, Director of Global Accounts, AVI-SPL

Now you know. It’s time to ACT.