Think strategic. Be specific.

Create proactive account plans, ensuring rationale, next steps, and the vision for success are all clear—to your team and to your customer.

Account Plans

Our Account Planning templates help you stay on strategy by establishing clear objectives supported by meaningful tactics and ownable tasks..

Kapta Best Practices

Add value to customers and internal stakeholders at every step of the planning process. Alignment is critical to successful execution.

Think strategic

Stay Organized

The devil’s in the details. No matter how strategic your plan, it won’t work unless you stick to it, day after day.

Contracts and Deliverables Tracking

Keep track of who owns what, when it’s due, current status, and real-time budgets.

Kapta Best Practices

Be transparent with your clients along the way—and always raise flags sooner than later.

Stay Organized

Work Together

With so many contributors and so many moving pieces, it’s important everyone have access to all the key information at all times.

Collaboration Hub

Store notes, emails, and contact reports in one single place, giving every team member visibility into what their colleagues—and customers—are doing.

Kapta Best Practices

Assign clear tasks to individual owners. Your team will work more efficiently and effectively when everyone knows exactly what they’re doing, and why.

Work Together

A Proven History of Success

Kapta gives us a compass for account engagement and delivering measurable results.

Dennis Rose Chief Revenue Officer, Sohonet

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