Challenges in Account Management

Key Account Managers have a difficult job. They’re inundated with contacts, contracts, and more. They’re under pressure to please both their clients and their C-suite. And unlike their counterparts in sales and marketing, Key Account Managers don’t always have the purpose-built technology tools they need to make their lives easier.

That’s where Kapta comes in. Kapta reduces guess work and busy work so Account Managers can do the work that matters: Building great relationships.

Below are 5 common pain points most Key Account Managers have faced at some point in their career, and how Kapta can help prevent them.

1) Being Reactive — Not Proactive

Often, Account Managers are so caught up with day-to-day busy work that they don’t have time or energy to talk strategy with their customers. Without a solid, up-to-date understanding of what clients are trying to achieve, it’s easy to get caught on your heels and miss opportunities to add value.

Kapta streamlines daily Account Management tasks, helping free up more time for strategic, proactive thinking. Kapta also provides a framework for understanding customers’ goals, needs, and expectations, so you and your team keep the big picture in mind, even when the daily stuff gets busy.

Being Reactive — Not Proactive

2) Unpleasant Surprises

We’ve all been there: A client seems satisfied. Everything seems fine. Then, out of nowhere, they call your boss to complain—or worse, they end the relationship.

The thing is: It’s never actually out of nowhere. Kapta acts as an extra set of eyes on every account, flagging potential issues early while making sure you ask the right people the right questions to get a real-time sense of account health and client satisfaction. Kapta also helps you improve client communication so you can address feedback long before a crisis occurs.

Unpleasant Surprises

3) Inconsistent Processes

Most Account Managers have great instincts and experience, but that’s not enough. Clear and consistent KAM processes are essential for customers, Account Managers, and other internal teams.

Kapta provides both a process and a platform for Key Account Management, so you can standardize and scale your internal approach. This makes it easier to onboard new employees and new clients, transition seamlessly if someone leaves or changes roles, and create clear expectations for everyone involved. Adding process and platform to instincts and experience is a truly powerful combination.

Inconsistent Processes

4) Ad-Hoc Technology

Many Account Management teams are still using multiple, ad-hoc software tools: CRM for contacts. Spreadsheets for budgets. Emails for contact reports. Even though Key Accounts can represent 70-80% of the company’s revenues, they are supported by technologies and tools that were built for other departments.

Kapta was designed specifically for Key Account Managers, helping them capture key client information, create action plans, and track real-time results. Kapta integrates seamlessly with CRM, Slack, and other platforms, synching information to avoid double-entry while still ensuring Key Account Managers have technology built just for them.

Ad-Hoc Technology

5) Being a Vendor — Not a Partner

The problem with being a vendor is that vendors are easy to replace. There’s always someone who will offer to do the job better, faster, or cheaper—and if your clients aren’t truly engaged with you, they’ll always be vulnerable to those messages.

Kapta helps make you indispensable to clients, by knowing them better than anyone, helping them meet their business goals, and showing them real results. Kapta is designed to help you build engagement with your clients, so they’re not only less vulnerable to competitive offers, but also open to taking on more initiatives with you. After all, vendors are assigned work, but strategic partners help create it.

5) Being a Vendor — Not a Partner

Kapta for Key Account Management

These are some of the most common problems that Key Account Management teams face – and they’re the exact issues Kapta was designed to solve. Sign up for a demo today and see how we can help you take KAM to the next level.

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