Your Guide to Identifying, Managing and Addressing Account Risks

Understanding and managing risks within your account portfolio is more important than ever. Having a solid process for identifying and mitigating risks will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention and growth.

We wrote this ebook for anyone who wants to establish, expand, or improve the risk management function in their Account Management team.

It’s comprehensive enough for beginners and insightful enough for experienced Key Account Managers. Our interactive format lets you jump to the information you need, or just read the whole thing over a cup of coffee.

In this ebook, you’ll find information about:

  • Early Warning Signs of Risk: Spotting account risk early buys you time to identify the root cause and suggest fixes
  • Key Questions to Ask Your Account Managers: Leadership needs context when learning that a top-tier account is at risk
  • How to Rate and Categorize Risks: This is about being strategic instead of tactical in understand risks and potential impacts
  • Steps for Managing Account Risks: Implementing a strong program from the start
  • And much more

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