Support your key account team with the tools they need to succeed.

For the majority of B2B companies, about 70% of revenue comes from existing clients. This means for your organization to be successful, your customers need to be successful. Key account management is all about building strong relationships with these existing key accounts so that you can drive long-term success. 

Key accounts are critical to your revenue stream and require a different approach than your average account. Whether you have an established key account program or are in the early stages of developing one, Kapta’s acclaimed software can help you strengthen customer relationships and drive revenue growth.

Kapta is your ideal solution if you have:

A Dedicated Key Account Management Team

Kapta works best for companies with at least five full-time key account managers dedicated to driving organic growth through strong relationships with key accounts. This is distinct from a sales team focused primarily on winning new business.

High-Value Customers

If your key customers are worth at least $100K annually, our account management system can help your team. Many of our customers manage individual accounts worth millions of dollars per year. Accounts can also be of high value if they are a good strategic fit for your organization.

High Revenue Concentration

Kapta works best when you’ve segmented your accounts by revenue and have a specific strategy for how to manage the most valuable ones, or when your organization manages a small number of accounts that are of extreme importance.

High-Touch Engagements

Key accounts require strategic, hands-on management. Sometimes that means multiple team members or departments are involved in managing and servicing the account. If you have high-value clients that require frequent communication, Kapta is for you.

A Proactive Approach

Key account managers are responsible for driving relationships forward. That means listening carefully to what your clients need and working creatively, strategically, and proactively to help them meet their goals.

When Your Clients Win, You Win

It’s not rocket science — your clients’ success is your success. When you deliver undeniable results, your worth is priceless. Kapta helps your team generate these results repeatedly by providing a purpose-built platform for your key account team to drive success with their clients. Kapta offers tools to build engagement, reduce risk, and standardize internal processes. Welcome to the world of win-win.

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Still Not Sure? That’s Okay.

If you’re still not ready to put your trust in Kapta, we have other options that will give you a taste of what it’s like to level up your key account program with our premier software.


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