We’ll start with a workshop to understand your processes, pain points, goals, and opportunities. Then we’ll start mapping your path to customer engagement.

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In a full-day Assessment Workshop with up to 10 participants, we will:

  • Identify existing processes
  • Establish a vision for success from all governance levels
  • Define and explore best practices for Customer Engagement and Key Account Management
  • Review sales process and handoffs
  • Review existing pain points and gap analysis to solve
  • Review White Space and potential upsell opportunities and expectations
  • Create an External Journey Map (Customers and value delivery from their perspective)
  • Create an Internal Journey Map (What we need to do)
  • Identify objectives and outreach plans for AM’s with Key accounts
  • Engage with “Third Box Thinking” Exercises
  • Define customer experience and benefits

Here are some things you can do in advance to make the Assessment Workshop as productive as possible:

  • Send us what you have ahead of time. Provide Kapta with any established process documentation, customer artifacts, and review documents (QBR templates, etc.) before the workshop.
  • Identify one top customer for each attendee to use for exercises. This adds specificity to the thinking—and gets the ball rolling for that customer.


Get your team onboard, driving user adoption and a positive user experience with our training services. We’ll cover our KAM Process, as well as the tech that supports and accelerates that process along the way. We can begin as soon as the day after your Assessment Workshop, with periodic sessions afterwards to keep the momentum and expertise growing.

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In your first full day of training, we’ll dive into our KAM Process, grounding users in the overall approach to Key Account Management. We often do this the day after your Assessment Workshop, creating a 2-day Kapta immersion that drives internal engagement and catalyzes the change management process.

  • Know
    • Identify what we know about our customers—and what we should know
    • Perform initial customer segmentation
    • Learn the power and potential of a SWOT Analysis
    • Create the Account Story:
      • Who (Contacts, Org Chart)
      • What (Account Details, Products)
      • Why (Voice of Customer discovery, SWOT)
    • Act
      • Outline what the KAMs will be responsible for
      • Identify Milestones for the Account Management team (Internal)
      • Identify Milestones for the Customer (External)
      • Create templates for Account Plans
      • Outline Best Practices for day-to-day (i.e. entering notes, emails, weekly account summaries)
  • Measure
    • Determine Inputs and Outputs (Reporting)
    • Create accountability measures and outputs with internal team, leadership and customers
    • Brainstorm internal and customer KPIs

Once we’ve grounded the full team in our KAM Process, we’ll provide End User Training. This is done in one, 2-hour, onsite session plus 2 online sessions of 90 minutes each.

  • Deep-dive training for administrators and power users
  • Engaging, hands-on system training provided to end users
  • Online and onsite training available
  • Reinforcement training to keep the momentum going

Keys to success as you learn to use Kapta:

  • Come prepared. Get the right people in the room at the right time, and make sure you’ve done any pre-reading we send. (We’ll make it as painless as possible, we promise.)
  • Get engaged: Be ready to make specific commitments about habits and behaviors that will drive results for you and your customers.
  • Trust the process. Kapta is intentionally methodical. This helps with change management, and builds good habits from the outset so things run smoothly for the long term.
  • Celebrate success. Kapta gives you lots of opportunities to recognize achievement, track progress, and celebrate wins, big and small. Take those opportunities and watch your team—and your customers—get even more engaged.


Our Key Account Management experts help you deploy Kapta in phases to ensure strategic alignment, risk management, and user engagement. We’ve helped many clients get started with our KAM Process and platform, so we know the best way to make it happen.

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Here’s what you can expect from us as you implement Kapta into your workflow:

  • Within 72 hours: Configure instance of Kapta Online service and receive welcome email from Kapta
  • Within 2 weeks: We’ll set up 2, 90-minute sessions to walk through key configuration and workflow options. We’ll also help you optimize your process, refine your strategy, and define success metrics for Account Management (internal and external.
  • Within 4 weeks: We’ll finalize your Kapta workflow and labels, import data from existing systems, build action plan templates, and continue to support your change management efforts.


Kapta integrates seamlessly with the way you do business. Our team will set you up for maximum efficiency with your time and tech.

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Our team of tech experts can work closely with your IT department and other key stakeholders to ensure a seamless day-to-day workflow. Our integration services include:

  • CRM integration
  • Integration with other services
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) set up with Azure AD environment using OAuth
  • Secure FTP sync of data files
  • REST API consulting services

KAM Process Optimization

Our Kapta experts will bring a fresh perspective to the organizational concerns about the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the current Key Account Management practice. Performing a thorough analysis of the current process, we will provide recommendations, solutions, and streamlined processes to meet strategic goals. LEARN MORE.

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The pillars of this session include:

  • Analyzing the client engagement lifecycle
  • Evaluating the account management process
  • Reviewing the current culture
  • Identifying opportunities, not just issues, to make an impact
  • Collaborating closely with the project team
  • Providing solutions for tactical burdens that limit strategic efforts


KAM Process Optimization

Custom Solutions

Let our expert Key Account Management consultants create a program that’s right for you. Contact us for more details.

Custom Solutions

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