Make Salesforce Work Better for Key Account Managers

Use your existing Salesforce data to reduce double entry in Kapta, and use Kapta to filter out noise within Salesforce, focusing on the information you need to grow Key Accounts.

Salesforce Config

Synchronize Accounts and Contacts

Kapta can update any outstanding data in Salesforce for you. We synchronize matching fields and create data so nothing gets lost in translation.


Push Notes and Updates

When you create Notes in Kapta (calls, emails, meetings, etc.), they are automatically pushed to Salesforce to keep all your records up to date, so you can see all your sales and account management activity in one place.

Push Notes and Updates

Sync Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Monitoring and tracking opportunities and pipeline are crucial to Salesforce effectiveness. That’s why opportunities created and updated in Kapta are automatically pushed to Salesforce.

Keep all your opportunity data in Salesforce and push it to Kapta as needed. Updates from Kapta are automatically synced back, so you can feel confident your pipeline reports are accurate.

Sync Up-Sell

Rest Easy with Our REST API

We make life easy for developers. Contact us with any questions and our dev team will be happy to help.


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