Reach Trusted Advisor Status

You know you have real customer engagement when your customers call you—not just the other way around. Watch our video to see how Kapta gets you there.

Watch Customer Engagement in Action

See how Kapta supports your customer engagement team as they work with your company’s strongest asset—existing clients.

Software Designed with Your Customers in Mind

Kapta’s customer engagement software is grounded in a proven methodology, designed to help you know what your clients want, so you can help them get there—and demonstrate real results.

Customer Engagement Starts With Customer Knowledge

When you understand where your customers are coming from, and where they’re trying to go, you can work proactively to help them succeed.

Org Chart and Client Profiles

See the overall structure and culture at your client’s organization, and build detailed profiles for individual key contacts.

Voice of Customer and SWOT Tools

Understand what your customer is trying to achieve, and the factors that will help or hinder them along the way.

Customer Engagement

Now you know. It’s time to engage.

Kapta helps you build action plans that help your customers reach their biggest business goals. Because customer engagement takes more than a mindset—it takes a plan.

Account Plans

Our Account Planning templates help you stay on strategy by translating big business goals into actionable, ownable tasks.

Tracking Tools

Keep deliverables on time, on budget, and on strategy by ensuring every team member knows what they’re doing—and why.

It’s time to engage

Measure Customer Engagement—and More

Measure customer engagement with tools to track client touchpoints and satisfaction. Then show your customers and your C-suite how your efforts have paid off.

Customer Metrics

Real-time milestone tracking and risk management so you know when things are working—and when they’re not.

Account Health Score

Our unique algorithm gives you an at-a-glance composite score to manage risk, gauge satisfaction, and flag accounts that need attention.

Measure Customer Engagement

Purpose-Built for Customer Engagement

Because if you really want to build long-term partnerships, a CRM is not enough.

Purpose-Built for Customer Engagement

Account health scoring

Interactive org chart

Customizable templates for account planning

Deliverables tracking

Easy reporting to clients and C-Suite

Seamless CRM integration

See how Kapta supports your Customer Engagement goals.