Accelerate revenue growth.

Deepen customer relationships.

Unlock your full potential as an Account Manager.

There are no cookie-cutter solutions in Customer Engagement — but there are innovative ideas, proven methodologies, and talented people sharing their experience. KAMCon features exclusive sessions, panels, and Q&A discussions from the industry's best and brightest industry leaders, providing actionable strategies on how to map your path to better customer engagement, scale revenue growth, and align your team to common strategic goals. 


Become a Trusted Advisor to Your Key Accounts

In this era of economic flux, KAMCon 2024 is your essential platform for delivering results.

Make your way to Boulder, Colorado, on April 24-25, and immerse yourself in a conference that redefines industry norms. KAMCon 2024 brings you practical insights to reduce customer churn, increase retention, and establish yourself as a trusted and invaluable advisor to your most valuable accounts.

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Who's In the Room?

KAMCon is the premier gathering for leaders in account management and client services, including Chief Customer Officers, their teams, and professionals supporting them. Join this unique gathering where every participant enriches the dialogue, contributing to a collective journey towards excellence in key account management and customer engagement.

"KAMCon is THE event to attend!"

KAMCon is not about generic advice; it's about practical, real-world strategies. Learn from industry experts how to navigate the uncertain economic landscape, retain and expand your customer base, and drive meaningful business results. 

"KAMCon has been a great investment for us." 

Hear directly from attendees describing the world-class speakers and engaging content at KAMCon, as well as the unique opportunities for networking and learning at t event.

"KAMCon is what conferences should be. We're getting a lot of account management input and hearing a lot about what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, and where we are on the spectrum of account management. KAMCon has been a great investment for us and has been worth the effort of coming, and we'll be back here next year."

— Clarence Neese, Vice President, Orbis Inc.

"KAMCon is the event to attend. The content was so solid. I learned so much about account management, the way different people are doing different things, and great sales insights. Each session brought its own piece of real great nuggets of knowledge, and it was very engaging. It is a conference not to miss, and I don't say that lightly."

— Betsy Westhafer, CEO & Founder, The Congruity Group

"The content that the speakers brought was something that we were able to take directly back to the workplace and implement from day one. It gave us a lot of takeaways that really hit home to the business we run on a daily basis. The content was spot on and the presenters were dynamic. It was a very, very good conference."

— Shawn Masters, former Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans

"KAMCon has been great in that it's so specific to key account management. I've been to other Salesforce events or other CRM-based events, and it's so broad and generic. Learning best practices from other companies that are using Kapta – it's been just phenomenal to learn and see what everybody else is doing."

— Johnny McDonald, AVP, Client & Marketing Services, RGA Reinsurance Company

Four Pillars of KAMCon



Be indispensable to your key accounts



Gain deep insights from world-renowned speakers



Network with the elite in Customer Engagement



Overcome challenges with expert knowledge

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Alex Raymond

CEO, Kapta

Redefining Customer Engagement for 2024 and Beyond



Jennifer Pinter

Senior Engagement Manager, Kapta

Implementing Customer Engagement Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Competition



Tim Riesterer

Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions

The Expansion Sale: How to Grow the Customers You've Already Got

Greg Daines


Greg Daines

Churn Expert and CEO at ChurnRX

"Customer Bonding” and How to Achieve Exceptional Retention in 2024



Tara Mondelli

Vice President, Client Success, KUBRA

Using Strategic Customer Success to Drive Retention and Growth at KUBRA



Johnny McDonald

VP Sales Enablement, RGA

Implementing Account-Based Sales Enablement at Reinsurance Group of America

Gail 2Image circle


Gail Montgomery

CEO, ExperienceYes

Bruce 2Image circle


Bruce Montgomery

President, ExperienceYes



Jay Nathan

Head of Growth at Churnkey and Founder,

Your Personal MBA: Business and Financial Literacy for KAMs and CSMs

Bob London


Bob London

CEO, Chief Listening Officers

How to Lead QBRs that Deliver Value and Drive Revenue



JC Quintana

Founder, Dialogue-7 

7 Expectation Management Conversations that Open the Door to More Profitable and Enriching Business Relationships

Event Venue

Embassy Suites Boulder, located near the heart of the city. Book by April 2 for a special rate of $189/night using this link.



"KAMCon is what conferences should be!"

Emerge with a newfound perspective on account management, equipped with strategies you can implement immediately.


Unlock Your Full Potential -

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Boulder, Colorado | April 24 & 25, 2024