Optimize Your KAM Process

Today, key account planning needs to keep up with technological trends that transform the account management practices and match the outcomes required by the clients and their businesses. To align your people, processes, and systems for maximum efficiency and strategic organizational goals, it's time to upgrade your key account planning.

Kapta experts will bring a fresh perspective to your KAM process, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of the current Key Account Management practice. By performing a thorough analysis of the current process, people, and systems, we will provide recommendations, solutions, and streamlined processes to meet your strategic goals.

Session pillars include:

  • Collaborating closely with the project team
  • Analyzing the client engagement lifecycle
  • Evaluating the account management process
  • Reviewing the current culture
  • Identifying opportunities, not just issues, to make an impact
  • Providing solutions for tactical burdens that limit strategic efforts

This optimization occurs in two phases:

  1. Analysis is performed to provide detailed recommendations in order to optimize your KAM process. Recommendations are reviewed for alignment on next steps. 
  2. Schedule and provide a customized training, process development, technology optimization, and individual coaching.

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