How to get the most out of your Key Account Management program

Continuing to accept sub-optimal KAM performance is putting the future success of a company at risk. Looking at best-in-class companies, poor KAM is a solvable problem.

The building blocks for success are first to define and mandate the use of a formalized KAM process. Go beyond basic PowerPoint, Excel, or CRM technology and support your key account planning process with KAM-specific technology. Finally, put in place the analysis and coaching needed to ensure the processes are implemented. Do that and the value of key accounts can be fully realized.

This in-depth report was written for Kapta by Sales Mastery.

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  • The importance of key account management
  • How to leverage a formal technology-enabled process
  • The fundamentals of stakeholder relationship mapping
  • How to build strategy maps
  • How to move from planning the work to working the plan

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