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Welcome to the Customer Engagement Economy

The Customer Engagement Economy is here—and it’s here to stay. That means it’s not enough to win new business. Customer needs are changing, and the only way to meet them is to dive into customer relationships, adding value in increasingly bespoke ways. Today’s customers demand that you: Understand their business Make them more competitive Deliver […]

Winners and Losers in the Customer Engagement Economy

As we’ve written before, the Customer Engagement Economy is here to stay. That means your customers are demanding more than ever, and simple transactions won’t be enough—you need to build long-term engagement to drive profitable, resilient growth. Companies who drive retention and organic growth through a deep understanding of their clients, clear action plans, and […]

What IS a Key Account?

Key account management—focusing on the development of a company’s most strategic accounts—is at the center of everything we at Kapta do. But the question often gets asked: what’s the difference between a “key” account and a “regular” account? One typical way of defining a key account is to look at the “80/20 rule”—the oft-true premise […]

How to Keep Up with Customers and Colleagues This Year

It’s been a long, weird year (and it’s not over yet). We’ve all had to rethink our original plans (personal and professional), and while we at Kapta spend many days counting our blessings, we’re feeling the disappointment this week: October 6-7 would have been our 3rd annual KAMCon. We’re really missing the chance to engage, […]

Is Your Customer at Risk of Churn? 5 Ways to Find Out.

It’s a key account manager’s worst nightmare: One day, out of nowhere, you lose a major customer. Sometimes it’s completely outside your control. But most of the time, if it seems like it’s coming “out of nowhere,” chances are you weren’t watching closely enough—or you weren’t looking at the right indicators. Customers are harder to […]