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Why Emotions Still Rule When It Comes to Customer Decision-Making

Although we’d all like to think of ourselves as rational decision-makers, the stone-cold truth is that the emotional part of our brains have been around a lot longer and tend to muscle out our newer, less-seasoned, but way-more-logical frontal lobes (just look at politics right now).   At KAMCon 2018, Ed Powers, VP of client […]

4 Customer Success Tools to Achieve Value-Based Outcomes

Customer success doesn’t come without a fair amount of trepidation all the way around. For the customer, adopting a product or service requires change — sometimes massive change across their entire organization. For customer success teams, it requires constant vigilance, agility, and alignment with others to help customers achieve optimal results over time.   What […]

KAMCon 2018: What Did We Learn? Tools, Technology, Techniques – Oh My!

What happens when you put a bunch of account managers, customer success people, and experts in a room? You launch a conference. The first Key Account Management Conference (KAMCon), hosted by Kapta, took place October 9-10 in Boulder, Colorado.   The sales landscape is challenged from all sides by tech disruption, organizational restructuring, noise, churn, […]

KAMcon 2018: Day 1 Recap

KAMCon, hosted by Kapta, is the premier Key Account Management conference that brings together top executives, leaders, and innovators in customer experience, client services, and account management. Taking place in Boulder, Colorado, the event kicked off Tuesday with presentations from a solid line-up of industry thinkers for an audience gathered from around the country, Canada, […]